The Question Box facility through PACF program was setup to provide free health related services and guidance to remote rural areas, where there are lack of health related services provided by governments or any other facilitators with following objectives : –

  • To provide Appropriate and In-time guidance about health related issues.
  • Clear all health related doubt’s without disclosing personal information.
  • All guidance is provided by the Doctor, Counselor and Out Reach Worker.
  • To provide information and guidance about female & children health issues.
  • To provide HIV/AIDS, STI etc. related information and guidance.
  • The question box facility is provided to people free of cost.

Under this program we have setup 8 question boxes in the Kolhapur District in the following villages: –

  1. Chavare , Tal – Hatkanangale
  2. Digavade, Tal – Panhala
  3. Khamletti , Tal – Gadhinglaj
  4. Nigave Khalsa, Tal – Karveer
  5. Pishavi, Tal – Shahuwadi
  6. Masurli, Tal – Radhanagari
  7. Shiroli, Tal – Karveer
  8. Kolvan , Tal – Bhudargad

The stakeholder is appointed in each village to support this activity.