LMF was commissioned in year 1999. Lotus Medical Foundation (LMF) has done many different health activities like free cleft lip and palate surgeries, surgeries of handicapped children, health check up camps.

In June 2008, LMF started Lotus Care Centre a 12 bedded facility to give in-patient treatment to people living with HIV and were discriminated in various set ups. The Centre has also been providing OPD and counselling services. Since inception Lotus Care Centre has benefited more than 4000 patients and has admitted more than 3000 in-patients.

The HIV profile of Kolhapur is twice as worse as the national profile. Thus while the district shows a detection of 6 HIV cases out of 1000 the national average is 3 out of 1000 and the adjoining district of Sangli is in the same boat. Notwithstanding the high incidence of HIV in the region, there is no “exclusive HIV hospital” in Kolhapur and the surrounding districts other than private initiative of Lotus. The somewhat sad truth is that while other private hospitals are disinclined to treat HIV patients for fear of fallout from other patients, the government machinery though good for handing out medicines, is woefully inadequate in terms of in-patient care. This gap is the main area of focus of the services of LMF

LMF is a health based NGO operating in Kolhapur district since 1999. The main areas of focus are mother and child care, women empowerment, HIV/ AIDS Prevention & Rehabilitation, affordable and subsidized health services.

Present Scenario

  • 2.4 million people live with HIV in India
  • 83% are in age group 15 to 50 – productive & working age group
  • 1 lakh children are infected with HIV and many more have lost one or both parents to HIV.
  • About 170,000 lakh people die of HIV in India every year.
  • Maharashtra is 2nd highest in HIV infection next to AP in India
  • Incurable disease
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Unless tested, not detected
  • Major chunk from uneducated, unskilled, below poverty .
  • Widows and children form 45% of the infected population
  • Doctors do not stay abreast of current science
  • No proper medical care at government centers
  • Heavily charged at private health care givers
  • Awareness and Prevention
  • Right steps and guidance after diagnosis
  • Proper medical care – HAART, side effects and treatment for opportunistic infections
  • HIV / AIDS changed from a “virtual death sentence” to a “Chronic Manageable Disease
  • Life expectancy of PLHIV (People Living with HIV) has increased significantly
  • Community Care Center

Our Mission

We work with people who are infected, affected and are at risk of HIV to provide education, support, advocacy and effective prevention programs. We deliver compassionate, comprehensive and quality care services to those affected by HIV.

Theory of Change

If people are aware about HIV and the importance of early testing, then it will encourage people who are at risk to seek health services early and the disease can be prevented or its effect minimized.

If patients with HIV get proper guidance, quality medical care, and emotional support, then they will live longer and have more productive, fulfilling lives for themselves, their families and society


Name Of Trustees Occupation Office Addresses
Mrs Usha Thorat
  • Former Deputy Governer Reserve Bank of India
Chairman Indu Niketan, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur 416003
Dr.Kimaya Niranjan Shah Professional Managing Trustee 61, Shivaji housing society,  10th lane Rajarampuri, Kolhapur.
Mr. Sachin R. Zanwar Business Trustee Rukmininagar,

E ward, Kolhapur.

Mr. V. B. Patil Bussiness Trustee Ayodhya Towers, Station road,  Kolhapur.
Mr. Sunil Shantinath Gundale Professional Trustee 708,E ward, Durga sagar  Apartment, 4th lane, Shahupuri, Kolhapur.
Mr. Ramakant M. Bhingarde Bussiness Trustee Flat No.5, Oriental Apartment,  Ghatage colony, Kolhapur.
Mr. Deepak V. Shah Bussiness Trustee PratiDeep, Konduskar colony,  Talegaon Dabhade, Pune