Targeted Intervention Migrant Project

In India there is increasing evidence and growing recognition of the importance of migration/mobility in the spread of HIV infection. Migrants have highest burden of HIV is next to High Risk Groups (HRG) i.e. female sex workers, males having sex with males, intravenous drug users. The HIV prevalence is 10 times more in Migrants than that of the general population. The reasons are – lower knowledge levels about HIV and health and sexual hygiene, two to four times more number of informal workers has not regular partners or visit sex workers, staying away from family.

Kolhapur is fast growing city. Due to availability of unskilled and skilled jobs in industrial areas, constructions and geographical importance, there is lot of “in migration” of workers. Number of unskilled workers is more and this in migration is from Uttar Pradesh / Bihar / west Bengal/ Karnataka etc.

Awareness regarding HIV and consistent use of condom for prevention plays important role in HIV epidemic. They may carry HIV infection to their wives and from wives to children. Our job is to identify High risk behavior in them and provide necessary services. They are as follows.

Project is funded by:- Maharashtra State Aids Control Society (MSACS)

  • Screening and treatment for Sexually transmitted infections and preventive methods
  • HIV testing and counseling
  • Health check up camps
  • Behavior Change Communication sessions to change the high risk behavior
  • Condom Promotion – knowledge about correct and consistence use of condoms during the sexual acts.
  • Community Mobilization to build capacity of community groups to assume ownership of the programme for continuation of the activities.

Implementation of Project:- From August 2010

August 2010 to March 2015

Sr No. Name of Indicator Cumulative Achieved
1 High Risk Migrants Reached 39892
2 Tested for HIV

HIV positive out of above

Number of Health Camps Conducted

Number of STI Screening





3 Number of STI Treated 2611
4 Number of Street Plays Conducted

Number of Migrants Attended



5  Number of Events Conducted

Number of Migrants Attended