Adoption for Medical Treatment of HIV Positive Children

There are more than 100 HIV positive children from age 1 year to 18 under care of LMF. Many of them are physically weak and have various health issues. Some of them are orphans or have a single parent and are taken care by grandparents or aunts and uncles.

LMF undertakes monthly medical check-up, conducts necessary investigations, and provides indoor treatment (if needed) and all medical and nutritional supplements to these children totally free of charge. In addition travel allowance is given to the care taker to bring them to the Care Centre every month for medical check-up. 100 children were covered by the scheme in 2018-19.

Currently Bitwise Foundation, Pune is funding the Child Adoption project.

Funding – For this great cause we received donations from many doctors who are aware of the problem.

Services provided – All the following services are free

Initiation from August 2014

  • Monthly through medical check up
  • Travelling allowances – to and fro for this monthly check up of the child and care taker.
  • Nutritional supplements in forms of proteins and other necessary
  • Medical care as per requirement – Diagnostic test, Medicines, Blood transfusions, Indoor treatment
  • HIV / AIDS counseling and home based care for child and family
  • Necessary support for schooling and social support schemes

From August-2014 to October-2015

Number of Children Enrolled 64
Number of them Coming Regularly 45
Number of them Admitte 29
Number of them on T.B. treatment 4