ICTC (Integrated Counseling & Testing Centre)

Government is helping Lotus Medical Foundation is setting up this testing centre. The idea behind this is large number of vulnerable people should undergo HIV testing. This helps in early detection and linkage to treatment or early treatment of HIV positive person.

With the availability of HAART ( highly active Anti retroviral treatment), HIV is not equal to death as in previous days of disease. Now with the proper medical advice if the HAART is initiated in time, HIV positive person can lead a normal and fruitful life. He can work and do the job which he/ she is doing and can earn and support his family like any other person.

But due to stigma and discrimination people do not come forward to do HIV test and they come in last stage of diseases where quality and quantity of life is compromised.

So Government encourages for having free HIV testing centre where infrastructure is available. For our centre we receive testing kits from Government.

Project is in association with MSACS (Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society).

Implementation from – July 2011

Email id – kolhapurlmfppp@yahoo.com

From July–2011 to September-2015

Number of Clients Tested for HIV

Sr. No Number of HIV Tested Number of HIV Positive
1 Male 16612 91
2 Famale 5299 70
3 ANC 444 0
4 TS/TG 128 2
Total 22483 163