Spandan – “Holistic approach for wellbeing of Children”

While working with the children, it was observed that they are very introverted, face stigma and are emotionally deprived. To motivate these children, SPANDAN was started in March 2016. Spandan is a monthly activity program for children with HIV. It covers music, dance, art, craft, sports, games and other activities. The results are very encouraging and the children are now more communicative, and take active interest in the various activities.

In 2018-19, ten SPANDAN programs were conducted in twelve months and were hugely successful. There is visible change in the children who attend the program regularly- they have become more communicative and truly SMILES have come to their faces!

The positive impact of the program

  • More communicative
  • Better health and lesser opportunistic illnesses
  • Willing to talk of personal problems
  • More confident and thinking and talking of their future
  • Gaining hugely from the network established which has become a support group
  • Greater awareness of hygiene nutrition
  • Discovery and development of their latent talents