Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT)

This is one of the major routes of transmission of HIV from infected mother to her baby.

Introduction :-

The object is to screen all pregnant women for HIV during each pregnancy by giving her information about HIV. If she found HIV positive then we link her to ART centers and initiate her on ART. We follow her and motivate them for institutional delivery. After delivery the baby gets medicines for 6 weeks and is followed regularly by our ORWs. After 6 weeks baby’s first test is done. And the same baby is followed till 18 months and tested for HIV at fix intervals.  She and her baby should receive a complete course of ARV prophylaxis.

At present we are able to reduce this transmission to less than 20% but with new regimen we are expecting the HIV transmission from mother to baby will be less than 5% and this will help to reach the AIM of – Reaching Zero.

Project Implementation & funding :

Project initiated from October 2006

  • From October 2006 to March 2010 – Funded by Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society (MSACS).
  • From September 2010 to November 2015 – Funded by IL&FS (Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services).
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  • Working Area :Kolhapur District

Services provided by PPTCT Project :

  • Routine offer of HIV counseling (Group/Individual counseling) and testing to all pregnant women attending ante-natal care, with ‘opt out’ option.
  • Ensure involvement of spouse & other family members and move from an “ANC centric” to a“Family centric” approach.
  • Provide ART to all HIV infected pregnant women apart from WHO staging and CD4 count results.
  • Promote institutional delivery for all HIV infected pregnant women.
  • Provide nutrition counseling and psychosocial support for HIV infected pregnant women.
  • Provide antiretroviral prophylaxis to infants from birth up to a minimum period of 6 weeks.
  • Ensure initiation of Co-trimoxazole Prophylactic Therapy (CPT) and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID)
    using HIV DNA PCR at 6 weeks of age onwards as per the guidelines.

Data (Period of Sep.2010 to September -2015) :

Sr No. Name of Indicators Cumulative Achieved
1 Number of pregnant women referred for HIV testing

Number of pregnant women underwent HIV testing



2 Number of pregnant women found HIV positive 525
3 Number of HIV positive deliveries

Still birth / IUD




4 No. of MTP 62
5 Number of babies underwent HIV testing at 18 months of age 438
6 HIV positive babies out of above testing

No. of Support Group Meetings



7 Attendance 1103