Lotus Medical Foundation has initiated a program called “Spandan” through Child Adoption Program. The aim behind this is to help these children for their expressions, emotional growth and to increase their confidence. It is part of entertainment and expression for them. This program will help them and us also to know their hidden potentials out of schooling. LMF has planned different activities under this program.

On Friday, 25th March 2016, we took “Drawing workshop” as first activity under this program. Total 35 childrens participated in this activity drive along with their parents and caretakers.

Venue: – Hutatma Park, Kolhapur.

The resource persons took sessions of drawing and craft. Each child was asked to draw anything. Very enthusiastically they drew flag hosting, Sunset, sweet home, family, flowers, etc. Children were asked to play with colors means they were asked to draw any figures, abstract with the use of colors. This was a way to express their feelings.  Drawing by imagination – Trees with hands, Fruits with legs and hands. One girls draw a tree with hands and named it as ‘Oxy” as it gives oxygen to us.

We took support group meeting with parents and care takers. Initially we –played simple games with them. Then we discussed about diet habits and nutrition. Also discussed other issues of like drug adherence, school timings etc.