Link Worker Scheme (LWS)

Under this project, 100 villages have been adopted in the district from 8 talukas with high HIV prevalence. People are made aware of HIV and STI, red ribbon clubs are formed, and volunteers are identified and trained. High risk, vulnerable people are identified and counseled. LMF works to eliminate the stigma and discrimination faced by HIV positive people in these villages.

The outreach in these 100 villages is nearly10 lakh population. The LMF staff work with different population groups such as MSM- Male having sex with male, FSW – female sex workers, bridge population like – migrants, truck drivers, vulnerable population and also with pregnant women. Awareness, prevention, use of condoms and availability of condoms are the activities covered.

Let us spread awareness through correct information


The scheme is funded by MSACS.

In 2018-19 around 500 high risk people, 8000 bridge population and 6500 vulnerable population was identified. 15000 HIV tests were done and 51 found as HIV positive. Awareness programs like essay competitions, quizzes, mahila mandal meetings, youth programs etc were conducted in all 100 villages.

Objectives and Services of Link Worker Scheme

  • Reach out to HRGs and rural population who are vulnerable in rural areas with information, knowledge, skills on Sexually Transmitted Infections /HIV prevention and risk reduction.
  • Increasing the availability and use of condoms among HRGs and other vulnerable men and women.
  • Establishing referral and follow-up linkages for various services including treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections, testing and treatment for TB, HIV care and support services including ART.
  • Creating an enabling environment for PLHA (people living with HIV) and their families, reducing stigma and discrimination against them through interactions with existing community structures/ groups e.g.
  • Village Health Committees (VHC), Self Help groups (SHG)and Panchayat Raj Institutes (PRI).

Funding Agencies

  • National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) through Avert
  • KHPT and presently though Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society (MSACS).
  • Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society (MSACS).

Rationale for the Intervention

  • Rural population more Vulnerable to HIV
  • Female sex workers based in rural areas, spouses of migrants and truckers may get affected and are not aware of their infection
  • Awareness motivates people to undergo HIV testing and helps in early detection
  • Early detection and in time treatment prevents development of AIDS, helps in getting better quality and quantity of life.
  • HIV/AIDS disproportionately affects young people
  • Educate people and try to minimize stigma and discrimination

Implementation of Project : From March 2010

Indicator High Risk Group Bridge Male & Female Vulnerable Male & Female Total
Number Reached till Date 943 8895 17138 26976
ICTC Tested 891 5431 13048 19370
Identified Positive 36 30 106 172
STI Screened/ Treated 1170/284 4426/409 5831/979 11427/ 1672